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Raining and happiness

I'm walking toward the st.Patrick subway station on University Avenue. It's 5 pm after my work, a cold rainy February evening. Infront of me a young college student hit a water puddle in pedestrian way to splash water on her loneliness.

It throws me back to 20 years ago, when I was working at great Larestan county, a vast area in South part of Iran with a hot dry weather. I was working as a ED physician in a suburban hospital at that time. I used to buy water for drinking in all those years. One night, after almost 5 years, the rain started at midnight and brought happiness with it. Tomorrow morning, during handover, I visited a 10 years old boy who was admitted last night. According to his mom, he was so excited last night when he had gone out and started dancing in the rain. Unfortunately he fell down and broke his arm. When I saw him, his arm was in slab and he had pain but the bright colour of happiness and excitement was traceable in his eyes.

One of my friends who was RN at the ED, later told me a hilarious story about that night. Her son, around 4 years old at that time, had woken up in the middle of the night and come out from his bed and looked at the sky. As he had never seen raining, called her mother and asked: what's happening mom? water, water is coming from the sky! She said: I laughed and answered: it's rain mommy, we saw it when we were young.


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